Our History

The Story of Sushi & Sake

Newcomers to our restaurants are often curious about the history of sushi and many also ask about the sake we serve. We would like to give you a little more information to enhance your knowledge of the food and drink you can enjoy while dining here.


The practice of making sushi began well over a thousand years ago and has evolved into a culinary art form.  Today, it is hard to precisely define sushi because there are so many different types.  Many people believe the stereotype that sushi is simply raw fish but there are many varieties of sushi that are actually cooked.  The sushi rice is prepared with sushi vinegar and then various ingredients are added in creative ways to tempt both your eyes and your taste buds.  Some of the links below can give you more details on some of the varieties of sushi available.  You can also click on any of the underlined links on our menu pages for tempting pictures of some of our sushi or check out our Photo Gallery.

    For more information on sushi:


Sake is an alcoholic beverage, similar to wine or beer but with a distinct taste all its own.  It is made from fermented rice and can be served hot or cold.  It will compliment many of our flavorful fusion dishes.

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